The Road Ahead

So here I am, a few grueling tests away from this so called “summer.” I have been saving pennies, working long nights, studying to maintain the required GPA, feeding my money to program fees, flights, air b&b’s, books….and all for what? Well, in a couple of days this will all come out of the figurative world and into the light of reality. In just four days, I will board an airplane in Dallas, Texas that will fly me to Newark, New Jersey then Dublin, London, then Rome, Italy. This is my first time out of the country. I will spend two weeks with some of my closest friends at OU’s campus in Arezzo, Italy. Once the class is over, the sights are seen, and the pictures are taken, I will travel with my friend, Kim Pham, down to Tropea, Italy where we will meet my Great Aunt Heath for a few days on the Mediterranean sea. After this, I am flying from Rome to Budapest, Hungary. After Budapest is Vienna, Austria, then after Vienna is Munich, Germany. I’ll spend three days in each city, and then I will fly from Munich, Germany to Bilbao, Spain. From here, I will meet my second family for the first time in person! For the next two months, I will be living with them, working for them, and teaching them English as they teach me Spanish and show me their culture first-hand. During these two months, I’m not quite sure where I will go. I would love to see Barcelona, Madrid, and Portugal. I know at some point I will head North to France (hopefully Paris) and Amsterdam because I bought a plane ticket out of Amsterdam to come home, August 7th. I am the first person in my family to get a passport. I could not be any more ready and open to all that is to come.

So follow me as I go, see the places I see, and let me spark a fire inside of you that inspires you to see it for yourself. Because I know there will be things our technology cannot capture, and moments my words cannot paint.

Goodbye, addio, viszontlátásra, auf wiedersehen, adiós, au revoir, vaarwel…

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