Tropea, Italia

After my time with OU was over, I headed down south by train with my friend, Kim. We met my Great Aunt Heath and cousins John and Chris in Parghelia. Parghelia was a really nice change of pace, because for the first time since school started, there was no schedule, nothing I had to do…it was the first real taste of summer. And we soaked it all up. We would wake up to a breakfast bursting with fresh fruit, tea, fresh orange juice, eggs, toast, jam…all ready right outside our doors at the Villanova Eleonora. After soaking in the morning blues, we would head down to the beach just about ten minutes away. These beaches had the clearest water I had ever seen in my life. Kim and I would venture out onto these massive black rocks, yet we could still see the rocks and fish at the bottom of the sea. Kim jumped off something for the first time in her life, we took too many pictures, we got a little pink, and we soaked in everything we could about the Mediterranean Sea. Then, we would head to the same “trattoria” down the street and try all different kinds of seafood, and before we knew it, we had been at dinner for three hours. Overall, it was just what the three of us needed, a nice relaxing trip before my Aunt Heath flew home, Kim started school, and I went on to venture throughout Europe. I love the two of them so much and I’ll cherish that town and those few days with them for as long as I can remember.

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