Munich, Germany

Munich was schnitzel, beer, walking, Birkenstocks, an opera, and patiently waiting for Pamplona. This was the last leg of my trip with Audrey, and we had to hold each other accountable for not moving on to the next leg of our journey and enjoying Munich. It really is a beautiful and fun city. My favorite part was the English Garden (in the picture) and seeing the non-magical, opera rendition of Cinderella. On our last day, we went to the Dachau Concentration camp which was really hard to take in, but I’m really glad I saw it. It’s such an important part of the German history and our world in general. I will be back to Germany someday…maybe Berlin 🙂

I did not anticipate how excited I would be to get to Pamplona. After traveling for ten days, train…bus…plane…having to cancel my credit card…I was ready to settle in one place for an extended period of time. I love traveling and seeing new places, but it’s heartbreaking every time you fall in love with a city. You feel your body start to move naturally with the streets, getting a sense of where you’re going. If you’re lucky or more dedicated than me, maybe you even pick up on hello, goodbye, and thank you in their language. Maybe you even have a favorite bar. Then, it’s time to leave and start again. It’s fun and engaging, but I couldn’t do it forever.

So, I landed in Bilboa, Spain on June 12th (and yes, I am just writing about it hehehe). Gorka, Iker, and Aitor picked me up at the airport and the two boys were so nervous they were running around in circles chasing each other. It was so cute and I was so excited. We drove through the mountains for two hours, and finally came down into a valley that I would soon call home – Pamplona.

Maybe that’s all I need to write about for now. At this point I can’t really understand how I fell so hard for a city, how I feel so comfortable around a family I only met a month ago, and how badly I don’t want to leave my life here.



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