Arezzo, Italia

Arezzo, Italy is a quaint, colorful, authentic town. The streets are as wide as a car, but as tall as five stories. Every window holds a flower basket or two, a clothesline with whites blowing in the soft wind, and shutters painted a teal green color. Then, there are the pastels that run the city. They run along every block, streaking a wall or two when convenient, leaving the city a beautiful blend of faded pinks, yellows, and oranges. When the sun sets, the light dances off the cracks in the cobblestone, where water has runoff from store owners cleaning their front porch, and the colors come alive. Arezzo, Italy is a beautiful town and I’m very fortunate that my university offered a study abroad program in this little Italian paradise.

Those six days would not have been quite as magical without long conversations at dinner with my friends, bottles of Tuscan wine, loads and loads of pasta and truffle mushrooms, and giggly walks home through the moonlit plazas. For my friends who plan to visit Arezzo, here are a few tips: visit Crepes de Lune for crepes and freshly squeezed pina coladas, Dal Moro makes a perfect first lunch of truffle mushroom and cheese gnocchi, Stradavarius is a trap (but really cute), go to My Way Bar for karaoke, share a bottle of the sparkling white wine in the glass room outside at Osteria del Mercanti (rain makes it extra special), Viareggio and Pisa make for a great day trip, hoard all the paprika pringles you can, and most importantly- just take it all in.


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