Florence, Siena, and Rome

These are all bustling (rightfully so) and amazing cities to visit. From the history, to the strong Italian culture that still resides among the city, they are all great places to work on your bucket list but still enjoy Italy.

In Florence, we visited the duomo, cathedral, and saw Michelangelo’s David. All bold, strong, and monumental. Florence is also known for their leather market which you can got lost in for hours- bartering and negotiating with the shop owners while trying to find the perfect leather piece to take home. Then, at night, the city comes alive with music and lights from the river to the center plaza. One of my favorite nights was spent here, dancing in the plaza to the Italian music with friends.

Siena was also very charming. My favorite part was that the city sits upon a hill, and you can look out from a window at all the tiny streets and houses. Lastly, there is a plaza right in the middle of town, that the whole town congregates to day and night.

In Rome, we did it all- the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Vatican City, the Sistene Chapel…all incredibly stunning. Rome is special because it’s a fairly modern city, with millions of people, but the city is built on top of an ancient Roman city. This makes it a very crowded, large city, but we can all laugh about it because we know the reason why. Overall, we had a great time wrapping up our time together over family dinners, making those last gelato runs, and at the end, we definitely did not want to say goodbye to our two week sleepover with PLC.

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