The Paris Pledge, Post-Obama

The Paris Pledge was agreed upon by several countries in 2015 in an attempt to reduce emissions together. The United States itself pledged to lower its share by 26%-28% by 2025. The plan was achievable with the assumption of many things such as: California’s state policy on greenhouse gases, federal regulations, the Clean Power Plan, energy markets, and new state laws. However, with the recent election of Donald Trump, the United States may not be able to conclude it’s part of the agreement┬ádespite being the 2nd largest green house gas emitter. Therefore, if the United States does not fulfill it’s pledge the world may not ever be able to reduce global warming. This is a very real concern after the selection of Scott Pruitt for the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Accountability is going to be a very strong tool for other countries, especially against a country as large as the Unites States. It is our responsibility as global citizens and inhabitants of planet earth to hold President Elect Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt accountable for the Paris Pledge. After all, this is Our America. Let’s do this.


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