A Day in Oklahoma City

One Saturday, I swung by Traditions and picked up Raul, Pilar, and Indo – we were going to spend the day in OKC and Sophia was with me. First, we went to go find this International Fair put on by UCO. We went to the wrong place first, and we were really confused because it was similar to what we imagined, but it was the opposite of international. An older guy was playing country folk music out of his pickup, and a group was selling homemade dog treats. After walking around for a little, none of us acknowledging the highly anticlimactic environment we had just found ourselves in, we agreed that it was “cold” and walked back to the car. It turned out the real event was just around the corner. We got some cold asian food in to-go boxes and moved on. Next, we went to Penn Square Mall because they had never been. We spent some time walking around, making fun of the overpriced Santa pictures, and trying on weird clothes in Forever 21. After this, we went to Lake Hefner. It’s a nice view and there are a couple of restaurants along the water that are nice to sit and have some “tapas” hahahaha. We had great conversations, and I really loved this moment with them. Such genuine, pure people that I am more than thankful to have in my life. I sure do have it good.

I took them home and they told me I was “puro amor” – pure love. They just don’t see that it’s because my heart is beaming through my entire being when I am with them.


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