International Prom

In October we all went to the International Prom together. We dressed up like real adults, gathered together in Traditions, and went to the dance together. This was the first night I met Raul, and Alex came with me to meet Pilar for the first time.

The dance itself was really fun. They played music of all different cultures, and it was fun to see everyone get excited when a song from their country came on. Also, it was fun to impress the Spanish people when I knew their songs, because they were songs I listened to all summer. Pilar told me she was really happy we met, and I couldn’t express to her enough how happy I was too. Meeting her and Pilar and Indo and Raul has been the best thing that has happened to me since I came home from Spain, and it was exactly what I needed. They remind me that that side of the world really isn’t too far away, and they keep my love alive for their language and culture. I’m going to miss them so much when May comes around.


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