Eve of Nations 2018

Eve of Nations is an event put on by the International Advisory Committee that serves as an annual gathering of over 20 student organizations. This spring, it was the 48th celebration, and I went with my good friend Valentina. We pre-purchased our tickets and settled in on a colder than normal April night. Before the show began, we caught up on our daily lives – classes, summer plans, etc. Valentina is leaving in three short days to fly straight into Rome, where she will partake in a study abroad program with the College of Education. She will then spend a week with her brother in Germany, before traveling to a small city in northern France where she will be an Aupair for the remainder of the summer. I am thrilled to talk to her about this journey, for it reminds me so much of my own – which I was leaving for this time last year. She is going to have a beautiful trip and I cannot wait to hear about her experiences.

Anyways, the group of students organizing and performing Eve of Nations put on a fantastic show. They began by introducing all the student groups and presenting the country or region that centralized them. I am always amazed by how many different countries are represented at our relatively small university in the middle of Oklahoma. I am reminded how important community it is, and I am happy that they have found communities here, away from their homes and their families, where they can be comfortable. Every region of the world is represented, and the male emcee shows early signs of being particularly annoying. The students perform dances, strut in the traditional clothing of their country, and everyone cheers. It was a fun event to attend, and I was especially happy for some familiar faces I saw on stage presenting and performing.

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