Education Abroad Info Fair

In August I started my new job working in the Education Abroad office at the university. I had interviewed for the position over the summer through a Skype call, and I remember that day we had a big lunch with the whole family. After an intense game of futbol, I threw on a blazer and locked Iker and Aitor out of the office. Despite the poor connection and the awkward English I had picked up, I ended up with the job and started a few weeks after I got home. On the first day, Hailey and I started together, and I knew we would be great friends. Kelsey took us to meet all of the advisors, and she thought I was so cool because I had spent the summer in Spain. Little did she know, I’m just a huge nerd but I think she’s caught on by now. Bobby, if you’re reading this, you’re pretty cool too. Also, our office is located in Farzaneh Hall, which is great because we are right in the middle of all things international. One day, our office was hosting an Education Abroad Fair on the South Oval. It was fun to go see all the students interested in study abroad, and I kept the crowd entertained by playing soccer in those huge air bubbles that let people knock you to the ground. I hope everyone studies abroad. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to go again. So exciting. So invigorating. Getting to choose your life for that short semester is something so special. Just picking up and going to see the world with nothing but warm arms welcoming you and sending you. It’s what I dream about every night and it’s what I remember the strongest. I wore a bracelet all summer (until I lost it in Amsterdam) that read “No sueñes tu vida, vive tus sueños” and there are very few ideologies that I subscribe to more than this one.

Hasta pronto mis sueños…


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