OU Cousins is a student organization that provides the platform to be several different things. There are the typical weekly gatherers for lunch, who maintain a somewhat friendly, yet oddly removed, relationship for the duration of a semester. There are the ones who drink too much together one night and never speak again. And then, there is something outlandishly special. This past year I had the chance to befriend a girl named Pilar Gimenez as my OU Cousin. What I have said before in a previous post about Pilar, all continues to be incredible and true; however, there is now a new spin on our story. This upcoming fall, Pilar and I will be studying at the same university in Valencia, Spain. I’m so excited to add this to our list of adventures together.

Currently, we are sitting on a couch in my friend’s loft in downtown Chicago. We’ve spent the day walking around the city, completing her architectural dreams with visits to the Farnsworth House, Cloud Gate, and other works by Mies van der Rohe. We popped into an open house at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where we viewed some models and had a few slices of a California Roll. I bought some old comic books for a friend of mine. We have two more days in the city, and then I’ll send her and Indo on their way to Spain. We’ve both agreed that this would be impossible, but the promise of us seeing each other again in Valencia provides some condolence.

Pilar, it has been an amazing year with you. From our first trip to Turner Falls, then on to San Francisco, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and now, to this lovely couch in Chicago… it has been a joy.

A Day in Oklahoma City

One Saturday, I swung by Traditions and picked up Raul, Pilar, and Indo – we were going to spend the day in OKC and Sophia was with me. First, we went to go find this International Fair put on by UCO. We went to the wrong place first, and we were really confused because it was similar to what we imagined, but it was the opposite of international. An older guy was playing country folk music out of his pickup, and a group was selling homemade dog treats. After walking around for a little, none of us acknowledging the highly anticlimactic environment we had just found ourselves in, we agreed that it was “cold” and walked back to the car. It turned out the real event was just around the corner. We got some cold asian food in to-go boxes and moved on. Next, we went to Penn Square Mall because they had never been. We spent some time walking around, making fun of the overpriced Santa pictures, and trying on weird clothes in Forever 21. After this, we went to Lake Hefner. It’s a nice view and there are a couple of restaurants along the water that are nice to sit and have some “tapas” hahahaha. We had great conversations, and I really loved this moment with them. Such genuine, pure people that I am more than thankful to have in my life. I sure do have it good.

I took them home and they told me I was “puro amor” – pure love. They just don’t see that it’s because my heart is beaming through my entire being when I am with them.


de Zaragoza

I first met Pilar at the OU Cousins matching party. That day, I had gotten off work 30 minutes after the event had started, but I decided to go late anyways just to see if I could still meet someone. I walked in and the majority of people were sitting on the ground, but there were some still standing up and talking. At this point the event had been going on for 45 minutes, so I was sure I was too late. However, each year there are too many American students and not enough international students, so I was hoping I could find a friend and then join their OU Cousin group. However, I couldn’t find anyone, so I was about to give up and try being matched electronically when I saw another girl walk in late. They had separated us by name tags, so by her blue name tag I knew she must be an international student. I decided to go and ask her if she wanted to be together, because everyone else was already matched and she looked pretty cool. So we started talking, and she agreed with me that everyone must be matched already, so we got in line for some ice cream and there we were – OU Cousins!

However, what I did not realize in that moment was that I had met someone so incredibly kind, thoughtful, and funny. I swear Pilar must have been sent to me by some secret angel looking out for the both of us. She came into my life at a time when I was trying to fill a void that leaving Pamplona had left in my heart, and the next thing I know, I am paired by chance with an amazing girl from Zaragoza. Geographically, Zaragoza is the closest sister city that OU has to Pamplona. It couldn’t have been more perfect or more ironic. Oh, and the matching process at the OU cousins event hadn’t even started when we get there.

Pilar Gimenez is in her early twenties getting a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. She came to the US with her boyfriend, Indo (Indo if you are reading this, you are equally incredible but we just can’t be OU Cousins porque pues tu y Pilar son primeros…) They had the option to be here in OK, or somewhere else in the Midwest if they wanted to come to the States. Talk about a power couple. Traveling the world together, dating for five years, and all the while being amazing friends to each other and the others that they meet. I think I’m in love with them both. Anyways, so far we have had a lot of fun together and I am always trying to figure out how to talk about Pilar. I can’t just call her my OU Cousin because she is so much more than that. So we are Heath and Pilar – and we are a lot more than OU Cousins and a little less than sisters. And then Indo is just there in the middle somewhere 🙂

A Pilar, estoy muy feliz de conocerte, y siempre eres en mi corazon.

Eres la mejor guapa, te quiero muchisimo!